Thursday, July 5th

07/07/07 /...

on 05.07.07 @ 12:36 PM CST

7th of july 2007, nice date isnt it ?

ahhh , thats why I've chosen the date for my wedding , which will be 49 hours from the time im writing this blog. lol barkooly mu8addaman.

i know that i've been away from my site , thanks to medicine and and my wedding arrangements .. el7amdella i passed the 3rd year .. 3 more years left to graduate smile

Anyways , im not here to talk about medicine .. i just wanted to share my feelings virtually ..
pfff, i wont say that im nervous right now, but i only wish that everything goes smoothly from the wedding till the honeymoon in Austria, ow ba3dain le kil 7adeth 7adeeth.

anyways , I reeeealy dont have time to speak alot , i only have two days left to move toward the life of marriage .. and that step takes ALOT of time believe me ..

sooo , take care all smile



Tuesday, September 12th

Back from heaven /...

on 12.09.06 @ 03:36 PM CST

mood: Missing my love

hello guys .. nice to see you again

lol dont ask me why it took me about 50 days to update .. my answer is simple .. I'M MARRIED big grin
e7m e7m , allah eybarek feekm , thanx 3e8balkm smile
I didnt expect that time runs really fast when a man sits beside his angel .. and yeah , thats the main reason for me not updating or at least visiting my site, I was enjoying my time in heaven big grin

I'm back to medicine now, spending my 3rd year on reading, reading and reading, but this year has a different taste since nafe3 is wearing wedding ring big grin

n9ee7a to all guys who think that marriage affect the academic life.. guys you are WRONG.
just go and find your love and get married, life will be much much better than lying on the bed and dreaming of shakira razz

anyways , time to study.. ufff I have to study all sorts of bleeding disorders, ma agool illa allah ye7fa'9kom mn hal balawi elli nedres-ha ..

take care all smile


Saturday, July 22nd

A bachelors final day /...

on 22.07.06 @ 12:17 PM CST

mood: Unknown

July 22nd .. Nafe3's final day in bachelorhood. It is the end of a part of my life , and tomorrow will be the begining of a different part of my life ..
So far there is nothing strange going on today, I woke up late, went to the hospital to collect my premarital screening result , back home , played Age of empires 3 for hours, knowing that I wont be able to play it like before. and now , its about dusk , I'm sitting in a lecture hall in HCT, waiting for my friends to present their work .. and thats it, the final day of bachelorhood.
starting from tomorrow, things will change, I will have a girl who will share my life from A to Z and I'll be someone who will share a girl's life from A to Z too wink
Honestly , I dont know what to talk about, it really feels awkward when anyone finds himslef in a position where there is no "turning back" ..

Anyways, I wish everything goes right tomorrow , and wish me good luck smile
take care smile


Wednesday, July 19th

New Layout /...

on 19.07.06 @ 12:02 PM CST

mood: Happy

Salaaaam 3laikm

Phew, I'm finally back smile lol more than 13 months of fake "under construction" had passed, and finally is back smile
I'm terribly sorry because it took me soooo long to return back. The reason is simple and clear, Nafe3 was busy with his medical studies during the whole year, and lazy during his free time, the result is delaying the construction of the site for a long time.
But now since I finished my 2nd year-thank god I did better than the previous year- I have no more excuses to delay my work. So I started working on the pics and el7amdella the work is done now smile
Soooo, what's new in I focused more on the pics this time, I added a description section under every shot so you can understand the technique I used to create that picture, you can also add your comments too, and please leave your comments coz they're the ones that improve my work smile
About the interviews section, this page will consist of my own interviews with the media, just give me some time so I can scan them and upload them in my site smile
Thatís all about the site, I know its not a "wow" site, but having a space to express your ideas and dreams in this crazy world is considered as an accomplishment.
About me? Few things had changed in my life I became more involved in the medical life than the artistic life , I can barely find time to carry my Nikon, unlike school times. I really miss those days where you study only on the day of the exam and you still manage to get a high mark. Nowadays, you study from morning to night, in the holidays and even in the summer, and still, you donít pass easily. Lol this doesnít mean that I'm going to quit medicine because of the hard work. I've been expecting this sort of life and although it has a sour taste, I like it!
As for my social life, I've been engaged for nearly 16 months, and the suffering will end next Sunday big grin Yes, I'm getting married soon. Lol I donít want to write more about this part of my life in this blog, coz I'll write a whole blog on Saturday-which will be my last day as a bachelor- and another one on Monday, if I donít drown in the sea of romance, if so, It will take me days before I wake up from the dream I've been waiting for for years smile
Till Sunday, I wish you like my website, and any special comments about the layout, or anything else, feel free to email me at